The Veil of Shadow

The world is not what it used to be. Beneath the facade of reality lies a second reality hidden by a supernatural force known as ‘The Veil of Shadow.’ To most the veil hides the strange monsters, beasts and frightful creatures that you and I consider otherworldly and fantastic, and turns them into the mildly strange and exotic.

These creatures have intermingled into society; some to simply exist… others to corrupt, and others still to dominate. Behind the government is a second organization only known as the International Intelligence Agency; the IIA. They secretly monitor, and interact with those hidden by the veil of shadows to create a loose peace with the natural world.

...or so we thought.

Our motley crew of heroes; appointed civilian agents by the IIA experienced first hand the unfathomable dangers lurking behind the veil. What once was a mere monster story, or horror film has become a grim reality. Now the agency that hired them is hunting them to hide the horrifying secret that yes: monsters are real, and they are among us.

Shadow Chasers

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