Shadow Chasers

Episode 3: On the Offensive

Our heroes meet up again with the IIA... but not int he same way.

Laying low for some time, Genevieve and our heroes discover a nearby IIA laboratory. Douglas – int he interim – is contacted by an old friend of the group; Conrad Malinkov… who proposes that Doug, and Doug only rejoin the IIA and all will be forgiven. Doug, sensing that it may put his new allies in danger declined the offer.

Genevieve learns of a Scientist that supposedly died in a freak accident over a year ago is very much alive and works at the newly discovered lab. This gives Genevieve an idea; whatever is at the lab must be high priority, and if the IIA is involved the group may want to look in on it.

Shortly after a painstaking reconnaissance mission; the group interrogates the scientist, and learns how to gain access to the underground lab. Inside, they are met with levels of opposition. They made quick work of the main guards, then quickly found that this place was armed to the teeth. After a heavy shootout in the indoor gun range, and a bind shootout in the main hallway, they discover a secret door. On the other side were ominous metal stairs… heading down into the lab…



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